What a difference a door makes!

Transform your bedroom with sliding wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit!

In our recent article Is it time for a duvet day? we looked at the growing acceptance of duvet days and all the benefits they can bring.

One thing that many people like to do on a duvet day is snuggle up and watch a favourite movie. One of our favourites here at DIY Homefit is the film Sliding Doors. For those who have not seen it, the central character is Helen Quilley – played by Gwyneth Paltrow – and the film explores the two different paths that her life could take, depending on whether or not she catches a particular train.

“What if” is one of those big questions in life, especially when we have a big decision to make. We have to jump one way or the other, and will never know the “what if” of making the opposite decision. But every day is filled with “what if” moments without us even realising it. The film’s title “Sliding Doors” refers to the train doors. In one circumstance, Helen makes it onto the train before those doors slide shut; in the other, she doesn’t. And her life turns out totally differently with each outcome.

On the home front, we have seen the complete transformation that a different type of sliding doors can make: sliding wardrobe doors


diy sd_champagne_and_bronze

Curved Bronze Frame with Bronze Mirrors and Champagne Avola


As you look around your bedroom now, you may be wondering what you could do to improve it. The easy thing to do is just to leave everything as it is, but if your bedroom is cramped and gloomy this is going to affect your ability to really relax and rest there.


So what if you decide to transform your bedroom? Can you imagine a brighter, more welcoming space and how much better that would make you feel? As autumn approaches, with the colder weather and long dark nights, it’s the right time to get your bedroom ready for you to hibernate in whenever you need to!


diy sd_mirrors_dark_walnut

Flat Dark Woodgrain Frame with Dark Walnut, Blossom Oatmeal Glass & Bronze Mirror


Just like the film, one very easy way to completely change your life is sliding doors. With sliding wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit, you can improve your bedroom quickly and easily, and for a much more reasonable price than you would perhaps expect. 


Sliding wardrobe doors can also release more space in your bedroom. They do not need space in front to open into, so give you more flexibility over floor space. If you choose mirrored doors they can also make the room look much bigger and lighter than it did before. They also do not need space inside the wardrobe for any hinge mechanism to open them. So it’s win-win!


diy sd_silver_mirror_met_gold (1)

Flat Polished Frame with Silver Mirror & Metallic Gold Glass


What’s more, with DIY Homefit you can design your own sliding wardrobe doors. Check out our sliding wardrobe doors designer here. Our range of sliding wardrobe doors includes over 50 different glass, mirrored, patterned and board finishes in 10 frame styles and finishes. Many of the designs match other bedroom cupboards and furniture from DIY Homefit. So there is bound to be the perfect combination for your bedroom.


diy sd_lt_wood_match_cupboards

Sliding Doors in Light Wood – matching Cupboards\
So if you want to make a real difference in your bedroom this autumn, forget the “what ifs”!  Look no further than sliding wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit.