What is on your kitchen’s Christmas list for 2023?

How to make best use of your kitchen cabinets over the festive season

Christmas can be a very stressful time. Every year – when yet again everything seems to need doing at the last minute – we vow to be more prepared next year. But suddenly Christmas comes round again and we are usually in the same boat.

Christmas is also the time of year when your kitchen has to work its hardest. So another stress factor can be when you realise that your kitchen is not really up to the job. When you have extra stuff to store, extra meals to cook, and extra people coming in and out of the kitchen it can all get a bit too much.

So why not determine to make a few improvements to your kitchen in 2023? This Christmas, make a Christmas list for your kitchen! What are the things that you would like to be different by Christmas 2023 that will make things easier for everyone?

Here are a few ideas for your kitchen’s Christmas list to get you started:

More storage space please

Kitchens usually get very full very quickly around Christmas. So make sure you maximise the storage space available. Custom made kitchen cabinets can use every inch of space and put to good use all those annoying little corners of dead space. Also make sure that you configure the space inside your kitchen cabinets as efficiently as possible, for example by using carousels or pull out storage shelves – see examples pictured below – so that you can store items right at the back of the kitchen cabinet and still be able to get to them easily. 


As well as storage space, another essential thing that your kitchen needs at Christmas is plenty of worktops. So the first thing to do is to see how you can make the most of the worktops you already have. Can they be decluttered, for example by putting small appliances and storage items into your kitchen cabinets? 

Also do your worktops need a bit of tlc? If they are past their best, it is very easy to replace them without having to redo your whole kitchen. Take a look at DIY Homefit’s range of worktops and splashbacks to see the difference they could make to your kitchen by next Christmas.

Another option to consider is to create more work space by installing a kitchen island, as shown below. A kitchen island can also provide you with extra storage space, seating, and can also be the ideal gathering spot for family or friends.

A seating area

A kitchen island is one great way to add an extra seating and socialising area into your kitchen. Which means that if you are hosting a gathering of friends or family, you can be on kitchen duty but not miss out on all the fun and gossip.

Even if you can’t fit in an island, see if your kitchen can accommodate some kind of seating area. Even a small kitchen table and chairs, as shown below left, will encourage people to gather in your kitchen not just for food, but also to sit and socialise.

Fridges and wine racks

If you are entertaining over the festive season, it’s good to have plenty of drinks close at hand. So if you are considering replacing your fridge at any stage, it may make sense to get the biggest one that you can fit into the space available. You may also want to consider incorporating a wine rack into your kitchen cabinets, as shown on the right.

Another option to create more storage in your kitchen is some kind of pantry. We looked at pantries in more detail in our article Why pantries are making a comeback in 2022. If you have space to dedicate to a pantry either in your kitchen or close by, this is a great way to store all kinds of food and drink items.

Don’t forget the rubbish!

Last but not least for your kitchen’s Christmas list 2023 is a decent bin! Let’s face it, an overflowing kitchen bin that has seen better days is likely to put a bit of a damper on the Christmas spirit! So why not upgrade your kitchen bin and – better still – have a bin that is concealed in a kitchen cabinet. This can help to make your kitchen look less cluttered, and keep the rubbish nicely out of the way.

You could also have more than one bin to separate out items that can be recycled. The example pictured below shows a pullout set of three bins, all neatly concealed in a kitchen cabinet, but able to store three different types of rubbish.

So, whatever is on your kitchen’s Christmas list for 2023, DIY Homefit may be able to help. For further inspiration, take a browse through our stunning kitchen pictures – and start planning for change in 2023.

And remember to check back here soon for more lifestyle tips from DIY Homefit.