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No Complaints Here!

How to find excellent customer service with DIY kitchen units

One of the main things that puts many people off undertaking a home improvement project is that things might go wrong. The worry is that, if that happens, you will be worse off than when you started. So many of us just leave things as they are instead of making the improvements that we would really like to see happen.

High Tech bedrooms

Transform your bedroom with custom fitted wardrobes from DIY Homefit


Technology is pervading every aspect of our lives. We use it at work, when travelling, and at home. We increasingly rely on technology for entertainment and socialisation as much as all its practical benefits.

Where to put all the school stuff?

Save space with sliding wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit


So here we are: Back to School again! Like every other parent in the land you’ve probably been running yourself ragged trying to get everything ready in time. Children grow so fast that uniform, PE kits and shoes almost always need replacing before the start of a new school year. Then there are all the new stationery items that they need, and new school bags to put everything in. The list is endless!

What’s on your wall?

Create your own wall art with replacement kitchen door from DIY Homefit

Have you noticed the growing trend for gallery walls?  No longer, it seems, is one carefully hung painting or photograph enough to grace a wall. Now it has to be full of them.

What to take to uni!

DIY kitchen units and other student storage solutions from DIY Homefit

A-level results day is an enormously significant time for so many families. Those results can determine not only the short term future of your son or daughter but can ultimately influence their longer-term life decisions. That doesn’t mean we should feel disheartened if the results are not quite as expected: sometimes what can seem like “Plan B” can turn out to be so much better than the original Plan A!

Light Up Your Kitchen

Transform your kitchen with replacement kitchen doors from DIY Homefit

So you’re standing looking round at your kitchen and something just doesn’t look right. It feels like it’s time for a bit of a change.

If you are not in the position to undertake a complete kitchen refurbishment then one great idea to consider is fitting replacement kitchen doors as these can really transform your kitchen without too much major effort or disruption – or expense! Take a look at our gallery of kitchen pictures and ranges of replacement kitchen doors to see what a difference simply changing your doors can make.

The latest look for bedrooms

Contemporary hinged and sliding wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

Be honest. When you think about replacement wardrobe doors do you have a mental image of something a bit old fashioned? Something that would look ok but not particularly spectacular? Something that is as only as good as you would expect to get without spending a small fortune?

Build your own barbecue this summer

DIY Homefit – not just replacement kitchen doors!

As regular readers will know, at DIY Homefit we are very much into upcycling! As well as supplying wonderful ranges of replacement kitchen doors – as well as a wide variety of kitchen and bedroom furniture and storage solutions – we love to reuse household items as much as possible.

How to give your partner more wardrobe space!

Domestic bliss with custom fitted wardrobes from DIY Homefit

Wardrobes are always a source of fascination. Many of us will have read the wonderful CS Lewis book “The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe”: and perhaps remember as children looking longingly at the backs of wardrobes in our homes, searching for the elusive magical Narnia.

So what is in your utility room?!

Improve your home with replacement kitchen  doors from DIY Homefit

If you are lucky enough to have a utility room, what do you actually keep in it?

When looking for a new home, a utility room always seems like a really good idea. You imagine all the household items that could go in there, leaving your kitchen beautifully clean and uncluttered. The utility room will be where all the practical and dirty and functional things happen – leaving the rest of your home with that minimalistically chic look.