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How to keep your bedroom tidy all the time!

Create your perfect bedroom in 2023 with new wardrobe doors

If you’re planning to refresh your bedroom in 2023, a good place to start getting ideas and inspiration is to look through our amazing gallery of bedroom pictures.

What is on your kitchen’s Christmas list for 2023?

How to make best use of your kitchen cabinets over the festive season

Christmas can be a very stressful time. Every year – when yet again everything seems to need doing at the last minute – we vow to be more prepared next year. But suddenly Christmas comes round again and we are usually in the same boat.

How to make your own Advent calendar

Get crafty in your kitchen this Christmas with the help of kitchen cabinets

As December approaches you may be considering getting an Advent calendar. But where to start?

A generation ago, advent calendars just contained different images behind numbered doors. They were based on the idea of the first known handmade wooden Advent calendar in 1851, which reflected a tradition of hanging a devotional image every day in the run up to Christmas.

Getting a handle on your kitchen

The best handles for your kitchen cabinets from our collection

Take a look around your kitchen. What do you see? If it is all looking a bit tired and jaded, perhaps this autumn is time to change all that.

Get your children’s bedroom ready for Back to School

Smart Back to School storage solutions with wardrobe doors

September still feels like a new start for many of us. Even years after we have left school ourselves, there is something about the long summer holidays drawing to a close, and the nip of autumn in the early morning air, that brings a sense of change.

Five things to do if you hate your kitchen

Refresh your kitchen with new kitchen cabinets from DIY Homefit

What do you do if you suddenly realise you hate your kitchen? Perhaps the realisation has slowly been dawning, but you’ve not really admitted it until now…

Everyday tips to keep your kitchen clean

How to keep your kitchen cabinets and surfaces spotless

The kitchen may well be the heart of the home, but that also means it will be the room in your home that attracts the most dirt and dust. And every so often, you probably look around and realise just how grubby your kitchen has become, but can’t face the thought of spending a day tackling it.

How to achieve a minimalist bedroom

Smarten up your bedroom with made to measure wardrobes

Do you ever feel like you just have too much stuff? Even if it feels like only 5 minutes since your last declutter, somehow there seems to be even more stuff than you had before!

Never work with children or animals?! How to make your kitchen safe

Keep your kitchen safe (and look good!) with stylish new kitchen cabinets

Many of us view our kitchen as the heart of the home. We increasingly use it not just to prepare and cook food, but also to eat, drink, socialise and entertain. And of course, since the first Covid lockdown, many families continue to use their kitchens as spaces to work or study.

How to make your small kitchen look bigger

The best kitchen cabinets to add space to your kitchen

Do you sometimes look around your kitchen and despair? There just seems to be so little space and everything is cluttered. Then you see homes on the TV with these huge gorgeous kitchens and feel green with envy.